What color is Austin?

Playing with  Kona colors I found while in Austin....QuiltCon 2015.  Still living the dream. 

Kona solid cotton color inspiration is everywhere on the streets of Austin.  Here in this beautiful cottage behind Lick Ice Cream Parlor I found Grellow and Goldfish,  Niagara, Nectarine and Titanium.  What a combo!  Even the hanging bird feeder is in Limelight. 

Kona colors in a house
Kona solid cotton Jamaica.   This vintage Chevrolet may be down, but certainly not out.....not painted in that beautiful Kona color - Jamaica was trending before it's time. 

Kona solid cotton Jamaica
Oh, and Kona solid color Grellow, Heliotrope and Honeysuckle in these chairs.   Some QuiltCon visitors also had these same hair colors!  Nice, for those daring enough!

Comfort Inn:  Austin
A sneak peek at Kona Honeysuckle nestled in this stack of chairs.  No matter the color, I wanted every one of them. 
Kona colors on the streets of Austin - QuiltCon 2015
 I see the Kona color Parrot in this beautiful bag....also a lot of Kona Gumdrop in bed pillows.

The colors of Kona in a modern home dec store
and a belated happy 30th anniversary to you Kona  cotton solids 

Happy 30th Anniversary to Kona cotton solids - it's a canvas tote

It was a nice dream in Kona solid cotton colors:



  1. What a fun post! Love Austin. I am your newest follower.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    1. thanks and hugs back at you, Susan and little Bentley babe.


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