Let's Go Sew Together ~

Seven of us spent the day sewing our Sew Together Bag....a bag designed by Michelle at Sew Demented....pattern purchased at Craftsy.

Sew Together Bag

Three zippered pockets surrounded by three open pockets.....all zippered together to hold all we might need when we go sew together.

Sew Together Bag

Sew Together Bag

I've finished two and as soon as I get more zippers, I'll be making more.  A gal just can't stop when having this much sewing fun.   Ramona had already made one or two and agreed to help the rest of us just in case we hit a snag.  It was a wonderful Saturday. 



  1. I bet it was so quiet one could hear the machines humming along. Oh, and the pins dropping on the floor. Nary a word was said! LOL So glad you all had a good sewing day. Those bags are cute!

    1. It was a rather intense sew day....much more so than the usual. What can be said when concentration is required? Both objects of my body can't work at the same time!!

  2. Love these zipper bags!!!!!

    You've inspired me to get myself in gear.
    I need a new bag to fit my iPad mini and iPhone6+
    Must look into this pattern.

    hugs 'n smiles,

  3. Yep, Gerry, this might be the one.


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