Prudence ~

Pru.dence:  Care, Caution, Good Judgment.  As well as wisdom in looking ahead!
 Care taken in the management of one's resources.
Consideration of one's own interests.
Face Sketch in Photoshop ~ Marty Mason
Prudy LuAnn
I took great interest  and considered what was a prudent way to spend my time this early morning. 
It took me a few minutes in Photshop, but Prudy LuAnn was sketched and colored. 
I'm not always prudent in the use of my time...but, I was tired yesterday afternoon so took a nice nap. 
I do make lists... but my lists may not always be on paper.  I don't use my phone memo pad either!
I find it amusing as I walk the grocery aisle to hear a phone spitting out in an orderly fashion what grocery to pick up next.   Or, even more amusing, the husband and wife team shopping together.   He's on the phone telling her "I'm on aisle 2 and have the mustard and mayo.  Heading for aisle 6 for milk and cheese.  You go to aisle 4 for the cereal, then aisle 5 for the toilet tissue and I'll meet you at checkout  #2." 
I organize my errands and run them in an orderly fashion so as not to backtrack.  Some days I'll go to the farthest point and work my way back home.  Then, there is always the choice of  stopping at the nearest errand destination first and moving outward, then circling back toward home in a more relaxed frame of mind, knowing that all the errands are done.  I do this only when there's no risk that the ice cream will melt! 
I press my clothes just before putting them on.  Perhaps not a very prudent use of time or electricity, but I always know I'm I fresh as it's gonna get that day! 

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