But they all have a name ~

black cat
Black Cat
I didn't have a child to name, but I had a dog, Sweet Pea.  Then Missy came along to keep Sweet Pea Company.  Sweet Pea got shortened to Sweeper at some point and she liked that nickname a lot.  Katherine Cat, AKA Katy, liked her shortened name better than her birth name. 

Mom once had a hound dog named Houney.  I have a a cat named Carport Cat and one named Kitty.  My niece has a dog named Porch Dog.   They are all extremely happy animals. 

I like names.  I like Alexandria Marie, shortened to Trixie.  I like  Anna Elizabeth - not shortened at all.  I name my art people....Sulynn, MayBeth, Anne Marie, Sara Jane, Sachie Claudine, Georgianna, Willie May, Mary Linda , Emma Jean and Arabella, just to name a few.     I like names and often wonder why my intrique.

 I'm not alone in my infatuation with names......a quilter friend who is also a dog lover made a quilt for her dogs.  Pictured and named on the quilt are her dogs:   Domino, Booger Beau,  Lucky Pup and Sugar Boy.  Interesting?  Is Domino black with white spots?  Does Booger Beau really:::::  Stop it.  Stop it right now!! 

I'd rather be watching as the world passes before me with Stretch in his favorite window. 

cat in the window



thread sketched fabric art card  - Marty Mason
Aunt Mildred


thread sketched fabric art card  - Marty Mason


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