May your day be filled with sunshine ~

I have unapologetically been away from the blog for a few weeks.....had some sad days mourning the death of my brother-in-law.....had some glad days traveling, visiting and sewing with friends....had some great conversations with my sister about her life with Paul in the days and nights leading up to and after his passing from his temporary life.  Had some great conversations with friends about just about everything.  What I found as we talked was that we cried.  And we laughed.  Oh, the power of talking and crying and laughing.  Add in the most powerful element - prayer.   

 Accepting that where there is sunshine, there must also be a shadow. 

Pears:  Blemished, yet  perfectly tasteful




  1. It's the shadows that make the sunshine truly bright. Sorry that you have to deal with some dark days, my friend. Hold on to the talking and crying and laughing and, especially, the prayers. It's where you'll find the penumbra and, for a while, it's something to hold on to in the midst of pain.

  2. Thanks, Mary. The sunshine is in my face today...shadow behind.


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