Interpret This!

I have a recurring dream.  Well, the dream isn't always the same but the scenario is. I'm always driving a car - at night -  and the car lights are not on and I can't figure out how to get them on and for some reason I don't stop the car.....I just keep on driving in the dark.    It's scary.  Okay, someone.....interpret this! 

Well, last night I had another car dream and decided I had to get this one documented before I forgot its details.  I was in Baton Rouge driving toward the old state capitol building and there was lots of construction going on.  My car was not my current was kinda junky and it started making a strange gurgling noise....I was clearly running out of gas when I spotted a Texaco sign but there was no station there.  All the buildings AND the street for as far as I could see were in a state of demolition.  There were deep holes where a street,  bridge or building once was.   I was behind a bulldozer and just kept following him into more and more destruction.  I guess I could have turned around, but for some reason didn't.  What?  It's just a dream and thankfully, I awoke from it.    So, okay.....interpret this! 

I would add one of my art pieces here, but that would probably cinch that my world is a bit wierd so I'll just add a touch of sanity with this little quilt block instead. 

And wish you all a Happy Holiday Season:


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