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No one sees it as you do.

Decorated Christmas Tree

                                                 Christmas tree, oh mine.  It is personal to me. 
 I love it - that every tree branch is filled with not just one ornament, but most often two or three and then one more.  I like that my handmade ornaments go back to the early 1970's and that I have ornaments given to me by family and friends and especially that I have many of my Mom's ornaments that hung on her tree for years.  I love my eclectic tree and know that no one can possibly see it the way I do. 

                              I love that we downsized our Christmas tree last year, yet I can still find all the
room I need on the small version of the large one for not just one, but two or three and then one more
special Christmas ornament.  Oh, Christmas Tree - no one sees you as I do

Happy Holidays

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  1. I am betting it is beautiful! Richard decided to help out and ended up putting up the tree and decorating it, too. But the sweet man left all the handmade and homemade and just old ornaments in their special box for me. He wanted me to enjoy some part of the tree and putting those ornaments on is my favorite part. So I completely understand your post, even if I don't see the tree the way you do.


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