And decisions were made ~ finally

Improv quilt top - marty mason and loree odom


Being indecisive is such a waste of time! Oh, I know that making a decision too quickly can lead to bedlam; however ~ I've been working (on and off) on this quilt for weeks.  When finally, I realized what was so scary about this one....I had three blocks in here that Loree made and I really, really wanted to showcase her blocks.  I allowed indecision to set in, wondering how she would set her blocks....wondering what border she would use....wondering, wondering until I was almost frozen. the background too weak for this cross?   Decision....well, maybe.  But in the scheme of things, one off block is okay!  Think placement....marty....think placement and get moving! 

or is this yellow too bright and what about those two pieces of the cross mis-matching...Is that okay?    Decision, the yellow is not too bright.  And when using scraps, use what you have in your hand!  DUH! 

And is the white floral too cutesey?  Decision....of course not! It's a light spot.  Think balance.  Doesn't every quilt need a little light, medium and dark!   Get over it and get a quilt made.

Puzzling....does that red really look good with that magenta?  Decision....a resounding YES!  I love it.  I can now keep sewing - I think I've seen the light among all that indecision.  
After I cut this big mama block in half, it fit in perfectly. 

See how the blocks nestle now and the orange and red and magenta are enjoying the moment together.

Oh, yes, decisions were made and my newest improv is ready to be quilted.  

Improv quilt top - marty mason and loree odom



  1. Beautiful improv! I can totally relate to your thought processs...such agony sometimes. And in the end it was so worth it!

  2. Indecision can cripple a person, but once you get past it (and make a decision) and begin to move forward, the hardest part is to resolve not to look back. I think sometimes we look back and regret one decision and have to start all over. I try not to look back, but it's hard!
    Your improv is stunning. Those lines really add movement and I can't wait to see the texture you'll create with the quilting. Definitely worth all the agony and decision-making. It's beautiful!

  3. Thanks Sharon and Mary.....I started quilting it yesterday and can't wait to post a finish.


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