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Japanese Koi at Garvan Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs, AR

Coming up for fresh air.  It has been a self-imposed busy year prepping for guild workshops and programs.....the one on half-rectangle triangles just completed/presented yesterday to my local quilt guild group.   Don't let the boring tag - half-rectangle triangle - fool you....not boring at all.  As a matter of fact, once I got into making them, the more design alternatives I discovered.  Who would have thought that a program on HRT's would be so fun for me. 

Okay, so coming up for more fresh air and a bit of catch-up.  The HUman and I took a mini vacation the other week to Hot Springs  - staying at a wonderful bed and breakfast - The Hilltop Manor.   We landed for a couple of days in The Spruce Suite and it was divine.  I took afternoon naps - a real luxury for me.  We had wine with dinner at a couple of fantastic restaurants.  And we visited the Garvan Woodland Gardens.  Acres and more acres of water and stone, flora and fauna.  Even the common was beautifully displayed. 

We were officially greeted at the front gate by the official greeter.....

and enjoyed that even the most common of common flora was beautiful


Enjoying people watching in the gardens -

Not my man - stepping stones

and delighting over the whimsy of the crickety wooden fence

and the deadwood swan neck sticking out of the rock

Watching - ever so slowly the beauty of natural decay

and enjoying the orderly way of coming down, going up

But what a treat when we rounded the corner and first glimpsed Brushwood art installation approximately 450 feet long and 6 feet diameter in a serpentine shape made by bundling natural material gathered from the Garden. 
Brushwood Dance by W. Gary Smith - a natural art display in Garvan Woodland Gardens
Brushwood Dance by W. Gary Smith - a natural art display in Garvan Woodland Gardens

Don't let the brushwood dance get you. 

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