Hold on to that quilt pattern ~

Once upon a time there was a quilter who used patterns to make quilts.  That would be me, once upon a time.  While I continue to enjoy coming up with a quirky improvisational design of my own, I hold dear some quilt patterns - for instance,  here's a work in progress inspired by a Valori Wells pattern in Quilt Mania Magazine, January-February 2015 issue.  I have two - or maybe three more flying geese borders to add.....

And, yes, those are fold wrinkles you see in this work in progress. I was digging around for projects to take to an upcoming quilters' retreat and stumbled upon this bag.  Now that I've pinned it up on the design wall, I'll get it finished!   

flying geese pieced quilt work in progress  - marty mason

And here is an idea I have for a modern quilt inspired by those flying geese. 

design idea for a modern flying geese quilt by marty mason

And while gathering quilts for my half-rectangle triangle program to locals last week, I re-discovered this quilt I made last year....from a pattern designed by Stephanie Prescott,  also out of Quilt Mania, same issue. 

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ  quilt by marty mason

Oh, and there are several more in there that I hope to get to one day.  And very interesting pictures and story line featuring quilter and quilt historian, Barbara Brackman.    Oh, so much inspiration. 

Quilt Magazines and quilt patterns - now, those are good things.....

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ  quilt by marty mason

And a happy Sunday morning to you too. 


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  1. Happy morning back. (I've lost track of which day.) You have a beautifully inspired piece. Love that you found your own work from someone else's pattern and are using it to move on to another work. I like your thinking and flow from someone else's idea to eventually your own inspired ideas. Quilt magazines and patterns are indeed very good things. I even like the really old ones. You never know what will inspire you!


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