Have I been loving you too long ~

I found this post from 2016 and decided to bring it forward to current date, thinking the thought process is  relevant to just about any situation or relationship, especially as it relates to getting in and out of organized groups to which one might be a member.  When groups or their dynamics change (as they tend to to), do we continue to be in love with the group?  If not, should we rethink the possibilities?   Admitting that love is no longer there, allowing  the group to move on without you, would be more beneficial to all before dissatisfaction and hate-mongering  becomes the mindset and the norm. 

From October 7,  2016
Oh, yes!  It's beginning to be a love/hate relationship with these damn flying geese.  What started out to be fun is now getting me to the point of asking self "are we having fun - yet??" 

paper-pieced flying geese

It's not that I don't love paper-pieced flying geese....and it's not that I don't love seeing a work-in-progress pinned to the design wall, it's just that I've been distracted by other fun - traveling to quilt shows and lunches with friends and participating in quilt guild programs.  It's that time of year to enjoy it all.

paper-pieced flying geese

There you have it,  my flying geese have been languishing on the wall and has me wondering how high must I fly to fall back in love.

It has me telling myself that it's only a quilt top and I don't have to marry it.  I read practically every day where relationships end for one reason or another and there should be no shame in ending one  that isn't making the grade.

paper-pieced flying geese

It's already mid-morning and the question all morning has been, "Is today the day to finish with this love affair? "

Perhaps today is the day to pack it up and and move on! 

walking away from a love/hate relationship



  1. If you're seriously done with the geese, you can send them this way. Of course, if you decide to keep them and sew them into this quilt you'll have a fabulous quilt because those fabrics are awesome!

    I've been wanting to make a flying geese quilt but the idea of making enough blocks keeps getting in the way. I'd say I know how you feel, but the thing is--I don't. Maybe if I make some big geese...

  2. Big geese are good, Mary. I do hope to get this one finished in my lifetime. Haven't sewn on it for a week, but a new week is just around the corner.


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