When life gets exciting ~

I've been waiting.....and waiting  for life to get exciting.  Waiting for life to give me something to write about.  It hasn't happened yet and I'm getting into my third quarter.  So this morning, I took control and will make my life exciting for me.

I've been in this house (and garden) for almost thirty years and have spent the better part of those years adding on to my lush landscape.  Beds and borders filled to the brim with flora and fauna have given me immense pleasure - until age began to creep into my weary bones.

The HuMan and I decided a few weeks ago to take out another flower bed.....the one we call the long bed because that's what the man who put in our sprinkler system 20 years ago called it!  Made sense to me at the time, and still does.  When I was out there pulling weeds, pruning shrubbery, adding mulch, spraying for bugs.....pulling weeds, pruning - well, that bed got longer and longer with each passing year.

picture this work in progress....heavy equipment required

So, here's the long (and shorter) of it all.  The long bed that ran the entire side of our property, separating us from the neighbor,  is now being shortened.  We are leaving a smidge of it along the fence line, but the rest is going, going, gone.  Where once was a hundred or more azaleas and a few ornamental trees, is now grass.

We hire out the grass cutting.....and I continue to make quilts....inside.

It was in Quilt Mania edition that I saw the quilt pictured - Simply Moderne #14.....a simply modern magazine that as far as I can  determine has no date!     Tufted , a wonderful scrap buster designed and quilted by Blair Stocker of WiseCraft Handmade.  Blair's background was in a grey solid....but, I didn't have a grey, so harvest gold became the fabric of my choice.

Tufted with no mowing required ~

A breakfast table filled with golden cheer to give my mood a jump start before the sun comes up.

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