OH, NO !

Just when I start thinking how smart I am ~

You know the call, the one where Jessica (name changed to protect the guilty), the call where she asks "can you hear me okay?"  Well, I got the call yesterday and decided to smartly say "Yes" just to hear what she had to say.  You see, Jessica has been trying to get us to renew the extended warranty on a vehicle we no longer own.  After I told Jessica that I was hearing her just fine, she responded by saying that this was our final call to renew our extended warranty.  She then asked me to answer some questions to be sure the vehicle continued to qualify for the EW.  Her first question to qualify was, "does your vehicle have less than 150,000 miles on it?" 

I tried to answer the question as honestly as I could, not knowing who bought that vehicle or how they used it or how many miles it might now have, but since it has been several years with a new owner, I assumed they drove it a lot and the vehicle probably had more than 150,000 miles, so my response to Jessica was "NO."  Well, hallelujah.  She hung up on me.  I'm thinking how smart I am.  Perhaps that took care of one more nuisance phone call! 

Yea! Right! Who am I kidding?

But wait......this morning I'm reading about the telephone scam where they want you to say "YES" so they can record your voice and use it later to prove that you did okay a credit card transaction.  Oh, my! What have I gotten myself into.

I'll turn all this over to the HuMAN, stop answering the phone and go back to  quilting.  Problem solved.  How smart is that? 

On the plus side - page 124 book of MOdern Blocks
"On The Plus Side" page 124 in Modern Blocks book compiled by Susanne Woods


  1. You are very smart, indeed! The telephone "yes" scam has been on Facebook quite a bit lately. I've become quite direct when people call these days. When they ask anything, including if I am the woman of the house, I immediately ask, "Who is calling?" Just recently I got a male voice, "This is Pat." Me: "I don't know a Pat. Why are you calling?" He hung up. I am so disgusted with these calls. As I have been typing this I got a hang up from an unknown number. *sigh*

    Now, to your quilting. It's beautiful!!

  2. Lois, surely before telephones, life was simpler, but we must take the good with the bad for the connection the phone lines gives to all we know and don't know. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your visit here as I muse.

  3. My guys (hubby and adult sons) love to crank anyone who calls with a sales pitch or a scam. They will do all manner of things from setting the phone down on the tv to handing it to a child to answering questions with outrageous things. One recent question/answer session for a life insurance sale: Would you be interested in recieving information on _____? Please send me your most recent pizza delivery flavors. Sir, our company sells ______ life insurance and would like to send you ______. Well, I am interested in your unscented laundry detergent because grandmother can't eat pickles. In the meantime another son yells, "Get the chickens out of the house!" It's hilarious and a bit of a family challenge to come up with the higest number of answers before the caller hangs up. If nothing else, we enjoy the humor and find we get fewer calls.

    Your block--YUMMY! It may not be so complicated, but I can see how easily I would mix up some crosses. That pretty gray background is the perfect compliment for your colorful crosses.


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