Find Joy In The Ordinary ~

One of my very favorite thoughts....."find joy in the ordinary."  But how, I wonder, does one really go about enjoying the ordinary?

Stop and smell the roses -  breathe deeply and with eyes closed, let the fragrance do its job.
Pat a child on the back - remain long enough to feel the warmth and retain the emanating love.
Enjoy the quiet of the morning with coffee cup in hand and dew on your bare feet.

When peanut butter on toast is your morning treat, give him a smile.....he deserves it for serving up a most delicious breakfast. 

When you snip a thread:  Rejoice.  You have finished another seam.

Just a few thoughts on hoping to find and enjoy the ordinary all day and into tomorrow and the next.

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  1. Wonderful post, Marty. We need gentle reminders that joy comes from appreciating the small, simple moments. I've been enjoying the awesome beauty of our great country, but a simple backyard barbeque with family and new friends has been one of the highlights of the trip. Grandeur is awe-inspiring but simple moments are real and joyful. We really should aim for both, yet remember there's a natural balance that every human needs.


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