More about Orphan Quilt Blocks ~

Wasn't it just last week that I posted pictures of all those wonderful 'blocks with nowhere to go' that Christie had so generously gifted to me.  She, selfishly, was cleaning her sewing room and wanted to pawn them off on me while decluttering her space.  I'm sure she knew  I would take these blocks and run with them.  This little cutie is #3.  (I'll get back to #1 at a later date).  Orphan quilt block #2 is pictured here at Quilters' Guild Acadienne. 

Getting out early for pictures was easy - beating the Louisiana July heat wave.  From any direction, this toddler quilt top suits me perfectly.  Taking the 12 blocks on hand and adding alternate blocks in white, set on point, made a baby quilt size. 

A quilt for baby ~
Ready to be quilted ~
And donated ~

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