Even in this summer heat......I'm still making quilts. 

We'll just call these leftovers!  There's always a story but let's keep it short and sweet.  You see, there was some Asian designer fabric on sale and it wound up in my cart.....last year.  And it's been taking up way too much shelf space.  My first quilt top experiment (not pictured) didn't give me goosebumps so I cut it up and got two really different quilt tops made. 

Improv Log Cabin Leftover No. 1
Improv String of Pearls Leftover No. 2

Someone asked me if I liked the finishes.  After a minute of being taken aback at such a question, I realized that, yes, I did like both of them....very much!  What's not to like?  They kept me out of bars, off street corners, out of trouble and therapy for a few days.  Yes, of course, I like them! 


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  1. Well, so long as they were useful in keeping you out of trouble not in. lol I like them too. Why would anyone ask that. Unless, of course, that someone is generally rude and doesn't know you.
    String of Pearls is definitely a favorite. I love the contrast of the yellows.


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