Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories: Meet Marty Mason

I had the most fun Thursday last.  Traveling alone down to Cottonport was quiet and beautiful and filled with interaction between myself and me.   You see, I was guest presenter for Cotton Quilters in Cottonport, Louisiana, and always have to gear myself up so as not to be nervous.  I do so enjoy showing off my quilts, but it's still a little nerve wracking....especially when you know the group is going to be traditional quilters.   

On arriving, I  was so warmly received.  I felt as though we had been friends for years.  Their comments, oohs and aahs were most sincere.  Their questions about this and that made me realize that they really wanted to know about the diverse fabrics I use, where I find inspiration, my approach to quilting without a pattern and quilting from the heart in my make-do attitude.    Cottonport Quilters, you were the best audience and I thank you for the pleasure of your company. 

And thank you, Mary Marcotte, for your invitation to be Cotton Quilters' August presenter, and a special thank you for blogging about my visit and sharing your story of the day.  Yes, Mary, we are blogging friends indeed. 

Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories: Meet Marty Mason: On Thursday I finally got around to writing about our August meeting . In that post I teased everyone with a little about our special guest,...


  1. Shame on me, Marty. I should have come by much sooner, but I've been baby-sitting a one-year-old--that's not the excuse, though. The real excuse for not visiting is the exhaustion. I was a great grandmother with lots of energy and fun at 40ish. Now I'm just a great-grandmother with memories of energy.

    I am so thrilled that you came to our meeting. I could not have had more fun and my sweet quilters truly loved every minute of YOU! Let me know when there's anything quilty happening in your area. It might be a great opportunity to see you again soon.

  2. The summer heat is really wearing me down.....staying inside and finishing up some hand applique that's been on the shelf for quite a while. And that's my excuse for not checking out the blog comments!!!

    Absolutely must keep in touch. Our proximity is too close not to share the fun.


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