January ~

2020 - a new year, a new decade -  has arrived and January is well in progress.  Some snapshots just to prove the sewing  machine has been humming.

The joyous new year began with the completion of two quilt tops ready for quilting and donated to a child in need.  Just last week I heard a comment made that made my heart hurt.  A lovely quilter, she is, said that she was just about community serviced out.   But for the grace of God, that hurting child could have been me and so it is for that reason that I hope never to tire of giving away my quilting time and talent.

Simply sewed, an improv 4 patch using donated fabric....and the abundant joy in giving back continues.

improv 4 patch for community service quilt

Another improv 4-patch ready to be quilted and donated.

Improv 4-patch closeup....just filling in the gaps.

And what a year-ending treat it was to being an active participant in the Sherri Lynn Wood Patchwork Doodle workshop last month.   This project began by making several size rectangles in several colorways, then attaching one to the other.  When that began to bore me, I switched over to making triangles of any size  putting it all together to the improv finish line.  My goal of making with larger blocks was not a total failure.  I'll continue to think big when thinking of improv. 

And another improv top finished just yesterday.....improv to the log cabin constructed in a minimal number of fabrics and colorways.  

Happiness is sewing in the new year.

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  1. The Sherry Lynn Wood workshop definitely had an impact on you. Love your pieces!


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