"piddlin' "

 Do you google words for a precise definition as I often do?  I was just piddlin' around this morning and wondered what exactly was I doing!  For curious minds, piddling is defined as "pathetically trivial" and piddling around:  "to waste time doing something that is not important or useful", oh, my and my stars! I have just wasted a precious amount of time on this piddlin' quilt ~

How this all started was I was curious and wanted to learn how to make flying geese in multiples.  Now that I know how, must make more...but that's for another time, another story, another blog post.  Once I got my flying geese units made, the thought came to mind that they are the beginning of the simple sawtooth star quilt block....

and one thing led  to another, still piddlin' around, 

until I had used several of my favorite fabrics to complete this 45" x 45" quilt top. Oh, and my favorite fabrics are the Marcia Derse gold stripe surrounding each star and then the 3" inner border in almost equal amounts of Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt fabrics followed by even more big and bold Marcia Derse....drooling.  Did you know that you can click on a photo for a larger, close-up-and-more-personal view.  

I'll be doing more piddlin' around and will keep you informed of my totally wasted efforts.  Until then, I remain a happy quilt maker  ~ Marty 


  1. Anyone who can have directional fabrics all go in the same direction cannot be just piddling around IMHO

    1. Thank you for that delicious comment. Clearly, I'm not always that careful, but with just making four blocks, I thought they deserved my best effort.


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