Millennium Quilts: Oh, the beauty of

Quilt chapter members made a public display:  of their millennium quilts!  They all were given the same number of 2 1/2" squares out of many pieces of fabric....and just look at the quilt designs....all original to each quilter.   And not one of the 2000 blocks were wasted. If they didn't fit the front, they certainly did the back.....  Oh, they were jolly good fellows! 

Lenita's Beauty

And Lil.....

Another view - Lil!

I'm a little close with the camera.....Tilatha has used many, many blocks to put the year 2000 in her quilt.

Tilatha's millennium quilt gorgeous as the front! 

Ethel's....sorry for the blur Ethel!

The back of Ethel's quilt.....

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  1. Each of these is simply gorgeous Marty.
    And the amount of love that goes into each is truly beautiful.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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