whatever floats your pinwheels:

Between the front and the back of this little 20" x 26" doll quilt....now valued at approximately $65, if I factor in my modest hourly labor rate.....I spent the entire afternoon deliberating about how to use the fabric Mary had given me.  She just handed me a little handful of fabric with the remark...."I thought these would make a cute baby quilt....."  and I took them from her hands and put them in mine!   Truly, it can be said that just because an offer is made, it doesn't have to be accepted.  But anyway, back to my deliberations.....what I finally did was discard all but three of the fabrics, made pinwheels, floated them in white. 

Well, almost discarded all - I cut and re-stitched two more pieces  from Mary's hand offs then reclaimed one more piece for the binding.    Not sure it was worth the entire afternoon....but, whatever floats your pinwheels:  I always say! 

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