Artificial Tree ~

Good morning Sunday:  Can you see me now?

Photoshop Sketchbook:  Property of Marty Mason

In explanation....we have a great neighborhood, friendly, clean, with an active neighborhood watch, walkers, joggers, traffic a little too fast.  We like being aware of what's going on - just in case.  Well, the other day, a new and yet to be identified item appeared in our neighbor across the street's front upstairs window.  I noticed it and commented to the HuMAn.  He had noticed it also, but figured that night as the lights came on he would be able to identify the item.  Well, that didn't happen. 

I'm still curious;  he is too.  We aren't stalkers, just curious.  Now, I didn't know he was doing this, so I'm no witness.....but he came in with a big smile on his face and identified the artificial tree, he proclaimed.  I finally mustered enough courage to ask how he knew and he explained that he got his big camera out - the one with the zoom, really zoom, lens. 

That's when I stopped him....I didn't need to know the rest of the story.  As I said, I'm no witness and continue to hold fast to the fact that we aren't stalkers, just curious folks.  



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