How to make a matchbook-style note booklet

The littlest things make me happy: 

book-style note booklet

All one needs is a photograph....any photograph to make a matchbook-style booklet.   It's just the right size for my purse or pocket, ready to grab and jot a quick note or phone number as a memory jogger later.   Here's how:

I printed my photograph on 4" x 6" photo card stock, but any weight card stock would be fine.   Fold in thirds.....the bottom will fold up 1" and the top will fold down 2 1/4"  The top should overlap the bottom fold by 1/2".  

Now to make the sheets for your booklet.  The 'back' of your booklet should measure 2 3/4" x 4" so you want your paper inserts to be smaller.  I cut mine at 2 1/4" x 3 1/2".  Copy paper will do just fine for this and 12 is a good number to start with.  After you've cut, then stack all 12 inside the booklet and stitch across the top of your papers, about 1/4" down from the top. 

Now to finish the matchbook, fold the bottom 1" up and stitch across the bottom edge 1/4" from the bottom.  This gives the front of your booklet a tab - the matchbook style - to hold the top flap in place.

Need more explanation - here's a picture or two.  Hope you can see.  The first one was a picture taken of a page in a book. 

And here is a picture of a neighbor's cat who came to visit.  He posed so prettily, knowing one day he would be a cover for a matchbook-style booklet for my purse.   Here you can see the stitching line to secure the note paper and the bottom stitching line that makes the tab for tucking the front in place. 

front cover of my matchbook-style booklet

And another shot of the top and bottom stitching lines.  I like to bring the thread to the inside and tie a knot to secure and then clip the excess. 


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