Commiserate or get up and at 'em?

I've been self-commiserating because of lack of enough time.....while all the time, I had all the time I needed.

I just needed to get back on track, stop floundering and

Unlock the door to find my creative room
Get organized
Follow the right path and stay focused

Now, I'm getting somewhere and decided to work on the improv log cabin that's been unfinished on the design wall for weeks! 

and my improv curve blocks

and that improv whole cloth quilt that's going to be full of life and color.  Malka Dubrawsky with a little Kaffe Fassett - that's what's happening here. 

Commiserating:  to feel or express sorrow or pity for.  No, not any more. 

Lots to do yet but at least I've pulled myself out of the pity party which in itself has given me more time! 



  1. I can relate..........but you of all people, everyone including me would not put you in this category......but I guess everyone has their time to go thru that lack of productivity....we all love you and in time it always passes.......this winter when all of the quilt shows start and the retreats happen, you will look back on this time and say..."Maybe my body needed a" We love you......

  2. I love a good pep rally to get my spirits up.....thanks Karla, you are the greatest cheerleader of them all!

  3. With friends like Kaffee and Malka
    Go,, Marty !!!!!



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