no beast is a burden

"I am who I am" me.  I am Marty Mason.
All Alone Am I
no beast is a burden when looked at from every possible angle
there's good in most things
 it just takes
keeping an open mind and being flexible
while thinking about the beast
or the burden
and on another topic -  i had a thought this morning.....comfortable an oxymoron!
and, while i love to draw, i'm not trained so must draw in my own style.  oh, i know  she isn't beautiful, but she was what was in my head this morning.   sketched, painted, saved and shared in photoshop. 

and in further explanation - oxymoron is derived from the greek term "oxymoros".  that means "pointedly foolish."   Oxymoron = the conscious combination of two contradictory ideas that together creates a new, overall concept.  For example, bittersweet, pretty ugly and living death and comfortable bra! 



  1. Yup, definitely "comfortable bra" needs to join this group.
    Thank you for the smiles this morning, Marty!!!


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