Ice Storm Musings

Photo by Tom Mason....quote added by Marty Mason

Very seldom do ice storms happen here in Louisiana - but when one does hit, 
then here is my take on the situation. 
 Just dance!


  1. Ice is the worst
    Especially with very tall trees around

    Spring will come


    1. Yes, Gerry.....the ice bent the Sweet Olive tree branches to the ground. But after the melt, every branch went right back to it's proper place. Amazing. I am so eager for Spring. In the meantime, I'll just dance!

  2. Beautiful Picture, Marty. I guess it is only natural for us "southerners" to recoil against the harsh reality of mother nature, especially when it is so uncommon to us. This picture, however, when one takes the time to look, reveals the beauty of the season in which it was taken. It is winter! I could go on... Again. I love this Picture as it put thought in my mind. I like that!


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