It's A March, 2014 Calendar - Finally!

I wanted a PDF maker for Christmas, 2013.  It's now March 2014, and the learning curve is very low!

I wanted a PDF maker for Christmas.....2013.  It's now March, 2014, and I'm just learning how to use it.  It's a very slow work-in-progress.   Go figure:  Figure 1 - a delayed March calendar to help me keep up with what's remaining of the month. 

I close friend had a birthday March 3, but I did remember to send her Facebook Happy Birthday wishes.   Just yesterday I missed great-nephew Kale's 16th birthday.  So here is a shout out to him -  Sweet 16 and never kissed a girl!!!!  And in my own defense, I'm getting older too.  Tomorrow I'll be deeper in debt - but, who is counting money or years?  Not I, for sure.



  1. You will never be old.............just better!!!

    1. And you, my friend will always be my favorite cheerleader.


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