"If Only" - "What If"

Don't look back with regret.  "If only I"  is just like "Can't do what I should have done." 

Look forward and imagine "What if".  What if I did something different today.   What if I didn't care if  all things weren't to perfection.   What if  I took a different path today.....

Going in Circles?
Reflect on the house being built today: 

What if I built a house today,  one filled with no regrets, no "if only", no "can't do what I should have done." My house will have open windows and doors for all to enter and feel welcome.  The view will be clear from within looking out and from the outside looking in.   I will have unpainted walls and concrete floors.  There will be no distractions - no distractions from my art, my quilts, my photography that will be hanging on every wall in every corner in my house for all to see.  I will not explain or apologize that my art doesn't fit your perceived mold of what art should be.  I will not explain why my quilts are just to my liking with every mis-matched fabric.    I will not answer your question...why did you take a picture of that???  

If I built a house today,  I will never be posed the question....."What were you thinking?"   Criticism cannot hurt me in my house I built today.   I will no longer be moving in the same circles if I built a house today. 


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  1. Beautiful words!!! I needed to read this today.


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