Don't cry over spilled milk

This one didn't make the cut......the rose parade passed it by.   We're not crying. 

Missed out on the rose parade::  marty mason

I don't make new year resolutions but often have a resolve or two.  And one of my  resolves for the year is to make the most of what's on my table. 

The HuMAn humored me with a dozen red roses some time back.  Oh, there was no particular occasion, he was just expressing himself.  After a month or so, he decided he'd had enough of the red roses and put the vase outside to air.  I balked.  I was still enjoying the roses, dead or alive, so the roses came back inside.  As long as I kept them in my studio then he was okay. 

Well, this morning I, too, decided the roses needed fresh in outside the house fresh air.  But before I let them go,  there was of course pictures to be taken.  

Being able to let go of what can't be is an attitude.....just as 'don't cry over spilled milk' is a saying that means 'let go of what can't be"! 

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk:

I can't bring these roses back to life just as I can't put spilled milk back in the glass....
we'll just let the cat enjoy them both. 

Enjoy what's on your table.                    


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