Louisiana Traveling Quilt ~ an update to my update!!

Every now and then I remember that both my short term and my long term memory is failing me.  Anybody else out there remembering that it's happening to them?  Ah, come on!  Don't make me feel so alone. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt

Was it only yesterday that I bragged blogged that I had completed my last rotation to our Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  Yes, only yesterday and almost simultaneously with my post did I get a comment from Mary that she didn't need to get this one again......she had already finished her block and sent it to me and she didn't want it again!  Okay, now what?  It was just about then that both my short term and long term memory kicked in!   The ten of us have been working on this project for the past ten months....each adding our block and passing it on to the NEXT one in the rotation!  Month by month, we were adding a block and passing it on:  not a hard thing to remember. 

Okay, I have now meekly unpacked the box that I had prematurely packed and labeled and organized my thoughts around adding another block to finish the top left corner....the same corner that I should have finished earlier. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt
Well, I'll be a donkey's behind!  In just about  no time I had this one done. 
Louisiana Traveling Quilt
Here it is....all my houses sewn in to complete this quilt top. 

I like it ~  I like my neighborhood ~ a very friendly neighborhood ~ no bickering ~ no slacking ~ everyone doing what needs to be done ~ to get the job done ~ 

It is now repackaged and on its way to the postman
to be on its way to its final destination
Glen, this is a great Louisiana Traveling Quilt Theme:  HOUSES!  


  1. wow.. this is magnificient! love studying all the details.

  2. Thanks C. Sue....this was the most fun quilting activity....not for the meek of heart. Kind of scary adding to a stranger's quilt.


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