I've been roped in!

When asked to do a quilt guild program, my first response is usually YES.  I strongly feel that being a member of any organization or group- even family -  means giving back.  So when Christie asked me to do the fabric wrapped rope bowl program for our quilt group this month, I told her I would.  Yikes----I've only made one! and really didn't know what I was doing.  I found a u-tube and Christie loaned me a book, I bought rope, cut strips and off I went.  For the past two months, I've been teaching myself how to wrap a rope and make bowls.

Bowl No. 2 (I've already given away bowl No. 1)

I've even taught myself how to paint a rope and make a bowl

and make a floor mat and make it more personable with paint.

I've made nesting bowls.

and I've made teeny bowls with teeny kitchen twine - you know the cord you wrap around the Thanksgiving turkey legs to hold them together!

and a little jute twine bowl with frilly edges. 

But all this working with rope paid off today.   The theme for this months Art Quilts Around the World challenge is "Uniform":  meaning a piece of clothing worn by a group, or something being like another something, such as pieces of coiled rope that look somewhat like other pieces of coiled rope. 
All coiled and stitched onto scrap fabric, layered, then free-motion quilted.  I've named my art quilt "The Path of Least Resistance." 

Art Quilts Around The World:  Uniform Theme - by Marty Mason

I'm hopeful that at day's end I can say that I've finished working with rope for a while. 
Yes, I did....I let Christie rope me in. 



  1. Oh wow, you have made some great things! I am mad for the floor mat.

    1. The rug was (almost) my favorite rope project. I'm still lovin' the kitchen twine bowl. No, perhaps my favorite would be the jute bowl. Oh, what the heck. I like them all.


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