Into the second solstice already?

And here I am shame-faced.....Into the second solstice already and I've not gotten one blog post completed. 

But, I've been busy.  As I say that out loud, I am reminded of how often I hear that phrase....."I'm so busy" always said slowly for impact and in just a bit more alto-ish husky voice than the speaker normally speaks.   Okay, truly, I've not been that busy....but I have been easily distracted while the winter and spring solstice is quickly passing me by.   I was first distracted by this, my first floating squares quilt made with the tutoring of Sherri Lynn Wood's "Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters."

Floating Squares - Score No. 1 by Marty Mason

and then I quite calmly pieced up what I call my "walk on the wild side" quilt.  One of my very first completely free-motion quilted project!
mprov piecing- free motion quilted - Marty Mason
And then came my graffiti improv also one of my very first freely free-motion quilted in a most graffiti quilting style.

mprov piecing- free motion quilted - Marty Mason
 Participating in March in a Bargello quilt workshop with Gayle Wallace resulted in this one.  I decided to add borders in an improvisation style....first round of borders using 4 fabrics of different widths.  

Bargello quilt with improv borders ~ Marty Mason
and the second border in the same improv style with a family of Tina Givins fabrics for Free Spirit.

Bargello quilt with improv borders ~ Marty Mason

Oh, yes, I've been busy quilting and participating in quilt workshops and enjoying two week long quilt retreats. 
But was it just yesterday that I took time off?  You see, the HUman is going to have cataract surgery and he needed me to take my personal calendar to the doctor with him so he could get it scheduled.  Luckily I did have a few blank spots in the May calendar so his much needed surgery is now scheduled.   So please fellow quilters, do not ask me to get involved in any new projects until this is over.  I would hate to have to hire a nanny to watch over him while I'm having quilting fun. 
Life is so good ~



  1. You have been busy, though, so you can say it with wild abandon if you wish. And hire a nanny if necessary. Even better, get his friends to come over and do whatever it is that they do. You can easily sneak off and not come back till it's mealtime. :0
    These three quilts are stunning. I especially love the one in neutrals. Your quilting is very good. Do I see matchsticks on the very bottom? And feathers that are even? (I like Mary worrying about getting things right.) The Bargello is stunning! Honestly, I wasn't crazy about the first round of borders, but then, wow, the Tina Givens fabrics make it sing! How do you come up with the perfect fabrics every time?

  2. thank you, thank you....yes, Mary, you do see matchstick quilting around the entire perimeter of the one in neutrals. A long arm quilter friend, Becky Everett in Alabama does this a lot and I like the way it finishes off a quilt. The perfect fabrics for my quilts? I just keep piling it on until I think it's right. Not for everyone, but it fits my personality to a capital T. If you look closely, the Tina Givens wouldn't have sit right up against the bargello....thus, the improv inner borders.....see how it works. Hugs to you and yours.


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