Huff Puff Guild Stuff ~

It's been a week for helping to take care of quilt guild business.  Whew!  What a relief to have some of that behind us.  Now to get on with getting a mind grip, realizing that some things we say in haste aren't meant to be hurtful.  Could it be that we need each other as sounding boards? 

Don't we all think of ourselves as very important people with very important things to be said and to be heard?  If we don't, then we should.  Oftentimes, the more urgent the message, the louder it becomes.  It might be one of those 'can you hear me now' moments.  When all is said and done and sorted out, it's a wonderful thing to know that the group is one that forgives.   Whether we agree or not in any given conversation, we know we are in a group who has the guild's best interest and well-being at heart.  It's huff, puff, guild stuff.

And, I continue waxing fabric in preparation for being a part of the July 6-10, 2020 Featherweight Retreat at Gray Center.     This jubilant double gauze just begged to be waxed for food wraps.  Two colorways....two sizes. 

bundled waxed double gauze cotton food wraps by Marty Mason

Continuing in my search to rethink the recycle possibilities ~  When I received my  new shoes this week, they were stuffed with the best tissue paper just begging to be waxed.  Yes, we can recycle - one tissue at a time.  I'll be using my waxed paper as food wraps just as I would waxed fabric to wrap cheese, bread, fruit and raw veggies for preservation in the fridge instead of using plastic! 

Smile with me and enjoy your day.


  1. Thanks for your positive posts.

    1. Ginger, sometimes I have to dig deep to pull out the positive in the tight spots, but it is so healing for me to rethink, to put the negative in its proper perspective, move beyond what happened yesterday and keep positive. Thank you for your positive comment.


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