Friendship: Pass it on

At the end of each guild president's tenure, guild members are invited to make a 'friendship block' to  show their appreciation for her dedication and to honor the time put into doing this important job.  Not having a firm commitment from the group, I decided to hell with all your animosity.....this will be done.  Whoever wants to be a friend will sign on the designated fabric!   I committed to putting it all together into a true friends' quilt. 

You are either in this circle of friends or out.  The choice was yours.  Hopefully, when you signed your name to the fabric, you sincerely committed to being a friend.

I loved the healing process of sewing this together and hope our outgoing president loves it as well.  It is a small token, but we hope she feels honored and will continue to recognize  the names of her quilting friends as the years go by. 

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