Positive Energy ~

What prompted this post from the past?   A post from March two years ago -  Positive Energy.  Oh, the joy of ..... rethinking the possibilities and wondering 'what if?'

While my heart wasn't in it, I felt compelled to join in with a group of quilters working up a retreat for next week.   Now that the retreat form is completed and the check is written and all is delivered to the retreat caretaker....I'm super excited and looking forward.

Something I read this morning - "look not down and back , but up and out."  From the book Listen To Me. 

When I was a kid, my sisters and I would sit on the front step and play guessing games.  How many cars would pass before the next red one came by?  Or, how many blue cars would be in the next 15 cars that passed.  Or how many kids could we see in cars that passed?  It was a game, but it kept us looking forward to what was yet to come.

I still love the positive energy I get  from playing the guessing games.....what's around the next corner or what might tomorrow have in store for me?    What new word will  I learn today and what new quilt design is going to pop into my head?  I hope to always be eager and ready for the surprise I know is out there when I don't jump to conclusions. 

In improvisational quilt-making you absolutely cannot/do not know the conclusion until you've put in the very last stitch.  I love that surprise element in my work.  Often tiring, never boring. 

And so, I continue to splatter paint this morning.....it has no value, except to me.  I can see for miles.....the sand, the sea, the sky and sunshine. 


  1. I can see sand, sea, sky and sunshine. But I also see a rocket speeding forward to that unknown space in universe. And orbits for planets or moons or something we have yet to discover.
    Have a wonderful week of splatter painting!

    1. Oh, always to have the freedom to imagine and allow both brains to come to life.


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