It's a Sunday Morning in May ~

 And a happy Sunday morning it is - a happy Mother's Day here in the U.S.  While I've never had children, I am certainly enjoying the day.  

To celebrate the day, I spoke with my sisters about their beautiful children and afterward reminisced about some of our mother's antics when she was here with us.  

I made a doll quilt for community service...there's always a child out there who plays mother to her dearest baby doll.   

From orphan blocks and fabric - a doll quilt - 18" x 20" 

Lucky for me I had two orphan blocks given to me ages ago and also a half yard or so of  handed down unwanted fabric with smiling lizards that made me smile.  I first cut the blue and red block in half  to spread the color, so to speak,  then centered the stick girl for the perfectly sized quilt for a little one's doll.  

Those smiling lizard eyes with oh, so much expression is enough to make for a Happy Mother's Day.

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