Sage Advice ~

 Many years ago the teenage daughter of  a close friend had broken up with her 'boy' friend and was really down in the dumps because she felt dumped.  Her mother's now darling, this and now darling that did nothing  to uplift the spirits of the downtrodden daughter.  

When the teen's father came home, he very quickly tired of the moaning and groaning and just said to his precious daughter, "Enough, Wendy - GET HAPPY."   And she did!


I think of this story told to me oh so many years ago and must admit that I've told myself to GET HAPPY on many occasions.   How easy is it?  To get happy, one must think happy and look happy and live happy.  To get happy means I cannot dwell on the unhappy or the things outside my control.  It means that I must be more accepting of the choices others make for their lives.     It means I have a choice of either happiness or sadness regardless of your choice.     I'm happier when I choose  happiness and must admit that I'm not very empathetic to those who continue to choose other moods.   I'll listen for a while, but then my mind keeps coming back to that dad's sage advice - "GET HAPPY."

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