Delighted: Thank You ~

 I'm delighted to tell you that some of them are selling!   I'm a prolific quilt maker and have absolutely, overwhelmingly, without a doubt, in tears and screaming out loud run out of space to store them.  Yes, it hurts to be able to never see one again, but what's hurting more right now is that until some are out of the house, there can be no more.

This one sold quickly ~   The one called "Improv Triangles" was so fun to make so I do hope it gives the recipient as much pleasure as it did me.  

It's hard work at best to get pictures, measure, describe, price then  find a place to market finished quilts.   Once a buyer is found, the paperwork has to be done, then transfer of money, then wholly Toledo, the packing and shipping.  I'm exhausted but must persevere.

I donated 13 quilts to CASA for children who may be hurting and sold 4 this week.  Now, doesn't that deserve a pat on my back?

But I can't stop now and have several more that I would love to see gone this week.  Here's one - patchwork blocks surrounded by calming neutrals in white, cream, gray ~

and another patchwork with dominant indigo.

Moving on, moving forward....moving quilts.  Find me and more at Marty Mason Facebook.


  1. I've seen several on Facebook and love them all. Unfortunately (actually it's good fortune because it means I've also been able to create) I have absolutely no space to spare. I have several in my little booth at Griffins but they aren't flying out the door. Certainly not four in a week! I hope your sales continue.


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