Natchitoches, Louisiana Tour of Homes

What a fun weekend....we drove down to Natchitoches for the candlelight tour of homes Friday night and the town tour Saturday. They also had the country tour, but we had visited several of the plantations a couple of years ago so passed on that offer.

The Levy-East House had its doors opened to us. Judy and Avery opened their bed and breakfast in 1994 and we have been annual visitors ever since. It is so beautiful as are the hosts.

Judy and I at the front of the Levy-East House Bed and Breakfast

The back view of Judy and Avery's home is as spectacular as the front.

Check out the vintage Porche in the two-car garage! This building is also original to the property and was probably used a carriage house.

Judy is helping a guest find her way to one of the plantations on tour.
And here she is after readying the table for our morning fare.

My personal favorite of all the homes on tour - The Scott-Corner House. We were told it was a little nothing one story that was moved and raised on this corner. The current owners have done a most spectacular remodel, leaving most of the original structure intact.

And while the Poete Laureate House was not on tour, it continues to be one of my all-time favorites in Natchitoches. It has been sold since we had a chance to meet the owner who took us on a personal tour of her home and underground cellar.

What a joyous time we had visiting our long-time friends. But you know....there's still no place like home.


  1. Hello from KY! (We are still on the road.) I can't believe you came so close to where I live and I was not there to welcome you! I live just about 18 miles from Natchitoches, so let me know when you are coming that way again. I would love to see you!

  2. Hi, Kat....come home soon. I knew you lived very close, perhaps next trip. I'll want a tour of your home (and quilts).

  3. Marty, we'd love to have you back for our Christmas Tour of Homes. There's nothing like Christmas in Natchitoches, and these homes will be decked out for the holidays.


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