Warm at Home

As I retired last night, I set a goal to get up early and get a new post on my site in explanation of where I've been this week. Well, it's now 8 a.m.- late morning to me! Getting up early is no problem (been up since 6 a.m.), but getting focused on my goals has not been easy lately. I think this is called "Too many irons in the fire." And, speaking of fires....

We had a very cool, clear night a couple of days ago. Dearest built our first fire of the season in our outdoor fireplace ??!

And, I snuggle in my favorite flannel quilt.

Was a very peaceful view as the sun began to set over the big oak tree.

A little deeper into the evening...as we lingered outdoors

Trying to give the abandoned outdoor cats - now ours - some warmth was not a success.

Big yellow cat is really giving it his best shot at fitting into the new box-bed.

Okay, now let's give it a go from another angle....Hey folks, this is still not working!

Quit your grumbling out there....the big papa of the house is off to Walmart to see if there is any cat furniture out there that will fit you!!

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