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Quilting Arts is hosting an open studio tour. I'm always happy to be a part of things, so here is my photo tour. It's a small space, but boy what a workhorse. As a matter of fact, the other huMAN in the house calls it my sweat shop! I prefer to think it is my sweet shop.

Entry is from our den - and very convenient to a half bath. I am constantly re-arranging my space, but now have my ironing space closer to my sewing machine than in previous arrangements.

Then around the corner I've placed my cutting mat (and as always, there is a work in progress).

Next space is occupied by my little flat screen wall hung TV (not clearly visible in picture) then my computer and printer. I share printer with huMAN so his small 3'x3' office space comes next...we DO NOT share the computer nor office space - too much work goes on over there! Open shelving spans the entire area. I use the space over my computer to keep Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazines organized.

I can sit and sew and enjoy a great view of the back garden.

The Horn sewing machine table was one of the best investments I'll ever make. It will fold down to a 20" width but when I need the sewing or cutting space, it will open up to give me almost 60" of work space.

This was my grandmother's antique kitchen cupboard. Made of cypress, it is primitive, as it was made by my grandfather circa 1920. It had several coats of paint - both cream and green - which I scraped off to get back to the beauty of the cypress planks. Instead of jars of jelly and apple pies, it now holds all my fabric. I must admit my fabric stash is at a serious low....I've spent the past couple of years using what was on hand so I could replenish with a nice new collection.

When my Bernina is being serviced, I use my very handy antique Singer 301 standby. It's a little beauty.

This room has so much storage space - no you really don't want me to open any doors. But I assure you it is chock full of paints, note card and purse making supplies, quilt batting, fusible fleece, freezer paper - well, just about any tool or supply I need to do what I do!

My design wall - no picture available - is a 4' x 8' foam board with a white flannel sheet tacked on. It stands just down the wall from my sewing station. It's not as wide as I would like, but I do consider myself a lucky girl to have all this at my fingertips.

Did you notice - no carpet or rugs. These brick pavers are so easy to keep free of thread clippings!

Life if good with kitty continuing to keep a watchful eye and getting into a mess on a daily basis.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Hugs for now....Marty


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your studio, Marty. Thanks for opening the door and letting me peek in! I have similar loves -- come visit my virtual studio and we'll share a virtual cup of tea!

  2. All those built-ins are wonderful -- all that counter space! And I love the brick floor. Thanks for sharing your space.

  3. I love your space! Thanks so much for sharing. It's so bright an airy.

  4. I love the brick floor - it looks so warm and cozy. Thanks so much for inviting us to tour!
    Mary Anne

  5. Marty I'm jealous ... your studio is gorgeous and extremely practical. Kitchen styled cabinets, solid counter surfaces and a brick floor. I can't tell you how many times I have to pull out a stray pin from my carpeting. :-)

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my studio too! Cheers.

  6. What a beautiful sewing space! And any space with four-legged friends is especially nice!

  7. What a great space and so neat and tidy. I love the flooring too. Thanks for the info on the sewing machine cabinet. I've been trying to figure out a way to fit my sewing machine into my studio without giving up space I've set up for other activites. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, I like your studio! I'm constantly rearranging my space too... there's always a better layout,right?

  9. Your studio looks to be light and airy!
    I work in a shop which sells the Horn cabinets, however my studio is already arranged with odds and ins of furniture. I have a Bernina and a Singer 301 also. The 301 has it's own "card"/sewing table.
    Aren't we lucky to have our own space!!!

  10. Love all the counter space you have, and that your kitty is there with you. Aren't pets a blessing? Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  11. HI Marty! Wonderful Studio to create! Enjoy!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  12. I love your mix of the clean white built-ins and the earthy brick floor! Thanks for the great tour!

  13. I'm late commenting, but i did enjoy your tour. Really, it's hard to imagine having such a great space. Good for you!

  14. Enjoyed the tour, and your lovely art.

  15. I have that same Horn cabinet, and I agree with you 100%. Great sewing space.

  16. Thanks for the studio tour...loved the Singer and have several vintage that are still in use. Also, the floor is fabulous as are all the storage space.


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