Two is Better than One

I'm toe tapping TWO the beat.

The ants are not marching one by's TWO by TWO.....and the ants go marching on.....with me right behind.

I've found myself doing things in twos lately. If I love it, I make another. If I had fun making it, I make another just for the joy of it. If I need practice making something to get it just right...well, you guessed it, I make more. If I sell something, I'm thinking I can sell two. And in dream land, perhaps three or four.

No, my twos are not identical. I prefer making one-of-a-kind. The second is like the first - just different.

Here is Callie - one of my thread painted "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats" with the first batik border.

And now with the second border added. Still need to get this one quilted up and binding attached.

But before I could get to that, I decided she was such a little beauty, I would print her image out again and make another art quilt. It's the same, with the first border sewn on a little less cattywhompas than the first. I sure hope I don't have to define cattywhompas to you!!

And, I loved the chartreuse pin so much, I went back for more material -
- this time in red to tickle my fancy.

Then there were two mini quilts....

then two more.

And then the kid's purses. I first made my 6 year old niece, Maysen-Grace, a birthday purse.

Then, spotted this fabric in my stash..

And then, there was I obsessive? or what??

If you want to sing along, just raise your hand.

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