10 days of wonderful....and I'm seeing red!

I'm in Rome now - arrived this morning from Orvieto - and what a madness of people.  We opted for the open air tour bus rather than hoof it and it was well worth the 12 Euro....and we opted not to hop off - fear ya know.  Probably would have never found the right bus line to get back to the hotel.  My bravery diminishes when everyone is talking and I can't understand a word they are saying. 

I have worn my camera out these past few days and only have a few ready to show....I'm seeing red!

 Love the coffee in Italy...very strong so I  added lots of latte!  Every coffee cup in every coffee shop was different.  This is just a sampling.

 And the fields of poppies, oh my!  Here are some self-sown in the cracks of a stone building. 
Vintage shoes anyone?  New, but a view of the past in a storefront window. 

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