I came home with pictures!

It's okay to tear pages from old discarded magazines!  I like to tear pages to put in my "things to do" folder!  As if I need more things to do.  I'm obsessed -

Here's my asterisk quilt while it was still a work-in-progress.  It's at the quilters' shop now and I can't wait to see it finished. 

But just look at this picture!  That big pillow!  Now couldn't that be an inspiration to make more asterisks to put into a pillow!!!  Love the cozy feel of this room...is it the pillow, the fireplace or the chair?  Or, all of the above? 

And here is my big baby blocks quilt.  But......

.....just look at this picture!  When I saw this picture - well sure, I saw the beauty of the china and the simplicity of the charger - but wait:  what's that?  No, it's not a gift - it's a baby block quilt design!  I've only done baby blocks in three color, but I think I would really, really like the dark, solid, bold color fabric on the top of the block and the white solid on the other two sides.  I'm out of here.....off to hit the streets for more Kaufman Kona solids!   

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