A three-signature book - fresh off the handmade press!

Journal Cover  ~ Front

Journal Cover ~  back

And pages in between ~

It was a most delightful, fun filled workshop - led by a very talented mixed media artist, DJ Pettitt.  Thank you DJ.....my book is finished!   We painted and papered, stitched, glued and hummed happy tunes during the workshop.   So here is my front and back cover with a couple of pages in between.  Fabric scraps and ribbon make sleeves to hold some of my mementos.  I left plenty of space on each page to stitch and glue my memories of this, the dream vacation!

A side note:  The art of book-binding is not  one of my natural instincts....nor is following written instructions.
So what if there are a few too many holes in each of my three signatures!  I'll get over it and just draw happy faces around each one.  It must have had something to do with getting my newest tool in the mail yesterday! 
A month ago I had never heard of a Japanese Screw Punch....now I own one...and what a happy trooper am I!  Ah! the art of book-binding - I'm sure to figure it out!


  1. How fun to have a place you've created to collect all those travel memories. :) Very, very nice. :)

  2. Looks as though 'creativity' and run of this project.
    Love every splash and stitch, Marty.


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