Half Square Triangle Quilt Top Completed.....

I went through several different design possibilities and finally decided on this layout.....and I'm glad I did.  Since I was using so many different fabric lines  - some I was getting very tired of - with such diverse colors - dark, medium, light and very light, I had to find a way to mix them all together so as not to showcase any particular one.  I wanted all the fabrics to meld, but didn't want the blended look...I wanted it to have a design or pattern, if that makes sense!  

Yes, half square triangles work beautifully in a scrap-happy quilt.....it's all about the layout! 

{Post edited 24 hours later to correct my typing... 'triange' is now corrected to 'triangle'!  I would have made this editing sooner had I noticed my error sooner.}


  1. Oh gosh, I want to make one of these. I love it!

  2. Thanks, Vicki....I have so many more fabrics I want to put to good use to get out of my stash, I just might make another one too! A tad labor intensive, but well worth it!

  3. So happy, exciting.
    I just love this one, Marty.

  4. yes, it does make sense. And, it's beautiful! Love the bright colors.

  5. So many beautiful colors!
    This is gorgeous Marty!


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