Quilt Inspiration

In.spi.ra.tion:  The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions. 

I found a free pattern on Quilt Inspiration that moved me!  "Birds of a Feather"  hard to see in this picture, but every birdhouse, every bird, every branch and twig is all plaid. So adorable and the free pattern is available from The Learning Channel quilting crafts how to. 

But that's not all....Seeing  Karen Griska at Selvage Quilter's asterisk tutorial is what inspired me  to dig deep into the unfinished quilt projects and complete a long-ago-started quilt project....my asterisk quilt.

Oh, and that is still not all.....Quilt Inspiration is the place that featured my Stairway to Cat Heaven quilt in "The Best of Cat Quilts" series.   

Thanks for including me and my works in Quilt Inspiration.  It still feels good! Congratulations to you Quilt Inspirations on your 200 blog posts and 200,000 page views.....you still look good!

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  1. Wonderful quilts. I've always liked your bird houses. Those cats in the last picture are wonderful!


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