Making new brushes in Photoshop....

I first took my face sketch on watercolor paper....the one I sketched last week....I used it because it was already in my computer.....and made a brush per Margaret Applin-Happ's instructions.  You see, Margaret is the guest artist at 3 Creative Studios this month.  I follow this creative blog religiously and am very inspired by what Margaret is sending my way!  It's all about black and white: creating personal imagery. 

Grabbed a picture of the fabric I selected to make my next quilt, made a few color adjustments, then added my new Picasso face image stamp!

and then just to make sure I had done this correctly, I grabbed the picture of my August calendar and stamped on it!  I've made a few brushes before but never with the ease I experienced this morning.  Thanks Margaret, Terri and Vicki over at the 3 Creative Studios for the pleasure of your creative company!


  1. Wonderful. I love your Picasso face!

  2. Oh My Gosh!!!! Marty, that is fantastic and I'm thrilled that you found the instructions easy!! I would love to see your new Picasso face on an upcoming quilt!!


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