The Brown Half-Square Triangle Quilt Update!

This baby is finished (well, it still has to be quilted....but that's not until next year)!  It took a few weeks, but was well worth all that sewing....I love it! 

One thousand six half square triangles later ~

 And in my usual style, I pieced the back  using all my left-over fabric from the quilt top!  The center back contains twenty-four more HST's.  Not pictured is the border fabric that I added to make the quilt back large enough. 



  1. I love it! It's very pretty!

  2. Wow, what a piece of work! The colors are wonderful.

  3. SOOOOOO nice! Although intricate piecing can be a pain on a large project, the end result is so worth it! PS: Your brown star quilt goes in the machine tomorrow!

  4. You are amazing Marty!
    This is gorgeous.
    I hope you had a beautiful Christmas, and I wish you a very happy New Year.


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