It's been a long time coming:

When I started seeing the bands lined up for the concerts and stages for the upcoming 2012 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival - I realized I still had the 2011 poster in the tube!  We were doing kitchen remodel last May when this one arrived  so just stuck it in the closet until last week.  A young Jimmy Buffett now joins Mahalia Jackson in the corner of the living room.   The Buffett poster is resting on a vintage wooden easel and Jackson is hanging on the wall.  You see, we are just about out of wall space for these very large posters.....But we have a gallery of them throughout the house - dating back to 1982....I wish I had the other seven to have a continuous stream. 

Mahalia Jackson - the 2003 Jazz Fest poster....thoughts on and about!  We didn't like it - at first - HuMan still doesn't - and wants to replace it......I continue to resist and through the years it has really begun to become one of my favorites.  And what you see in this little snippet - the wire wrapped microphone stand and Mahalia's red choir robe - what's not to love? 

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  1. Your poster collection must look awesome!


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